• Casia Crossbetter

    Casia Global Logistics set up a cross-border e-commerce logistics subsidiary-Crossbetter, with its own 5,000+ square meters of warehousing, and provides air-truck and air dispatches . FBA cross-border e-commerce logistics service covering the world such as, Air-LTL, Air-Express, Ocean - Express and Sea-UPS. At the same time, it provides a one-stop service integrating international transportation, customs clearance, international warehousing, and global delivery.
  • Core Products :

  • Matson CLX Service

    The trump card product is mainly promoted on the CLX route, and the goods can be received in ShangHai, ShenZhen, XiaMen, QingDao and Ningbo. The Sea+Truck tax-included and tax-free channels can be selected.
  • Ningbo common ship

    Economy line products can be received through general shipping channels in ShenZhen, ShangHai, XiaMen,QingDao and Ningbo. The main routes are COSCO, OOCL, and EMC. It is possible to make an appointment to pick up the container, and the operation time is fast, and the container can be delivered immediately.Both tax-included and tax-free channels can be selected.
  • EXX EX1 distribution

    The light luxury product line, received in ShangHai, ShenZhen, NingBo, XiaMen, QingDao, can be connected and shipped in Shenzhen at the same time. CMA's own wharf is faster than ordinary berthing wharfs. T/T 13 days, fast delivery to the end, open every Thursday.Both tax-included and tax-free channels can be selected.
  • Sea+Truck in Canada

    Ex ShangHai, NingBo, XiaMen, QingDao, and ShenZhen, to, stable shipping schedules, and the end cooperative warehouse has its own fleet to deliver to Amazon warehouses.
  • Sea+Courier in Canada

    It has price advantage in market competition, stable extraction and fast processing time.
  • Toronto overseas warehouse

    One-stop service for customs clearance, pickup and delivery, which can be used as a storage warehouse, and plans to launch a drop-shipping model.
  • Note: The above information is for reference only, and the specific transportation cycle shall be subject to the actual situation of the business.

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