• Cross-border service
  • Casia Global Logistics set up a cross-border e-commerce logistics subsidiary-Crossbetter, with its own 5,000+ square meters of warehousing, and provides air-truck and air dispatches . FBA cross-border e-commerce logistics service covering the world such as, Air-LTL, Air-Express, Ocean - Express and Sea-UPS. At the same time, it provides a one-stop service integrating international transportation, customs clearance, international warehousing, and global delivery.
  • Casia Global Logistics has been cooperating with UPS, DHL and TNT for a long time to provide the best resource service for the final delivery in various regions. With professional knowledge and high-quality service, we will wholeheartedly provide major e-commerce sellers with fast, convenient, low-cost, high-quality, time-efficient, and full-process goods positioning cross-border e-commerce logistics service.
  • Logistics service

    Ocean + Express: Casia Global Logistics provides direct bulk cargo (LCL) routes from major ports in China to the United States, UK, Canada, Australia, Germany, Italy, Spain, Japan and other countries for global merchant customers. For small batch shipments the sellers can also enjoy preferential shipping prices, and enjoyed the same protection as FCL. In terms of shipping cycle, transportation timeliness, door-to-door service, etc. Provide visual tracking of transportation status to meet the needs of efficient operation of global sellers' supply chains.
    Air + Express: Casia Global Logistics maintains a good cooperative relationship with major airlines and has a healthy air freight service network. It can provide sellers with door-to-door service from China to the world with sufficient space. At the same time, according to the different needs of customers, it can accept import and export air transportation, booking with airlines, organizing charter flights, customs clearance and other service.
    International Express: Casia Global Logistics is dedicated to providing international express solutions for agents and peers, acting as an agent for international express service such as DHL, UPS, FEDEX, TNT, and EMS. Relying on our professional and resource advantages, we provide a safe, reliable, fast and accurate shipping channel for the majority of peer agents. Our service can reach every country or region of global mail, the same world network, better service quality, and lower logistics cost!
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